Dream come true

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 30, 2011

My middle child has watched his older brother and younger sister have sleep overs.  He has watched them leave to go play with friends.  He has tried with friends to have a sleep over but they have all gone home.  He has dreamed of playing with friends and spontaneously having sleep overs.  The other night that is what happened.  His dream has finally come true.  It's not that we've ignored him or not tried, its just that his friends haven't been ready or their parents haven't been ready.  Often I tell him, "You need to call one of your friends to play today."  Sometimes he just likes to be, sometimes his friends aren't available.  One of his dreams is to be able to go back and forth between our house and a friend's house during the day.  This maybe his year. 

His friend that spent the night is moving out of our neighborhood sadly.  They aren't moving that far away, maybe a mile, but we'll still miss them being close.  While spending the night, this friend also listened to Job read a story out loud that Isaac wrote.  They curled up on the hide-a-bed and read the whole story (about 20 minutes).  It touched my heart I tell you. Job thinks the world of his brother and it's evident when he talks to his friends about Isaac. I love the fact that Job and Isaac are buddies, but am also glad that Job is developing his set of friends too.

Job avait un reve.  Il reve d'avoir un ami se coucher chez nous.  Ses amis ont essayer mais ils n'ont pas pret ou les parents n'ont pas pret.  Job voulent vraiment de jouer avec ses amis et decide spontanement se coucher ici.  Ce semaine ca passe, et c'est un reve deveint vrai pour Job.  Malheursement, le garcon demange cette ete.  C'est pas loin mais ce n'est pas dans notre voisinage.  Alors il ne peut pas courir chez eux ou chez nous.   Il avait un autre ami pres de nous peut etre c'est l'ete de jouer plus avec l'autre ami et courir entre les deux maison. 

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