Cannon Beach: The Big Swing

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The conference center owns some property up on the hills above Cannon Beach.  They have installed an obstacle course along with a big swing. The counselors and leaders use this to talk about trust and obedience.  The person on the swing is strapped into a harness and then attached to a rope.  The others in the group grab hold of the rope and hoist the person 40 feet into the air.  When the person is at the top, they pull the release cord (the person in the swing, not the people on the ground) and swing into nothing!  It takes a lot of something to get up 40 feet above the ground with nothing but a rope holding you up.  It takes a lot more to reach out and pull the release cable.  It's not the initial swing, its going back to almost the same height only to repeat it over and over until you stop swinging. 
Job elected to stay back at the rec center.  He doesn't like heights and so we decided that he didn't need to do this.  Isaac promised me that if I went all the way to the top that he wouldn't complain for 3 weeks.  As soon as school starts I'm holding him to that.

A notre vacance il y a un grand tournant.  Les personnes avec nous ses tirent en aire.  Vers 40 poid, le personne peut tire une corde pour libere et commence de s'envoler.  C'est exhilirate.  Il faut avoir confiance avec les personnes par terre.  Il faut avoir confiance avec la corde et aussi soi-meme.  Isaac le fait deuxieme fois et m'a promis de ne se plaindre pas pour trois semaine si j'allais tout en haut avant s'envoler.  Et j'attend pour le commencement d'ecole avant la commencement.

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