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By Leslie Parks - Monday, August 29, 2011

Both Friday and Sunday we spent on the lake with friends. We don't do this often because usually we have our kids with us.  But our kids are gone for these two weeks and we are a little bit more free.  This year I purchased some adult water skis from Craig's List.  On Friday we put in the water around 10:30 and skied until 1:30 when Kara's husband got off work.l  We picked him up at the dock and skied until about 4:30. I am usually a little timid about skiing and going outside the wake but something snapped in me and I figured that I could do it.  Maybe it was the skis and maybe it was watching Kara.  She showed no fear.  It was encouraging.  John is just so athletic.  He gets up on the wake board and one ski and makes it look effortless.  That's not the case with me.  Both Friday and Sunday I was able to pop up out of the water and I tried to drop a ski and just use one on Friday.  On Sunday I ended up dropping a ski.  As long as I stay inside the wake and lean back I can go a long ways.  I tried both days to start with one ski in the water.  On Sunday I almost had it.  It was so nice around 6pm on Sunday.  Early morning and late evening is the perfect time to ski on the lake.  Both of our friends can ski and it was a blast to watch them.  I am hoping to be able to do more of this with friends next year. 
Vendredi et dimanche nous les depensons sur le lac avec notres amis.  Nous ne le faisons pas souvent parce que nous avons notres enfants.  Cette fois notres enfants ne sont pas ici.  J'achete des ski natique pour des adultes est c'etait temps de les essayer.  Nous arrivons vers 10 heures et demi au lac et faisons de ski avec la femme d'ami de John.  Vers une heures apres midi, l'homme arrive d'aller aussi.  La femme essayes les skis et je pense que si c'est facile pour elle je peur le faire aussi.  Je commence avec les deux skis et je laisse tombre un ski alors j'utilise seulment une.  Je n'etais pas capable de commencer seulement avec un ski mais j'etais presque d'arriver.  C'est mon objectif de faire du ski nautique avec seulment un ski.

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