Cannon Beach: Rest and Relaxation

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For the most part at Cannon Beach we just headed to the spot most everyone did; the beach.  It was wonderfully relaxation.  We purchased a skim board for the kids but in actuality it was Job that used it the most so it pretty much is his.  When back at the room he would watch Ytube videos on basic skim board techniques.  Then he would practice those techniques on the carpet with his board.  By the end of the week he could do three full turns on his board. He couldn't go in or out of the waves but I think his record length was 65 ft.  John paced it out.  Lona pretty much dug in the sand and made sandcastles.  Isaac wandered between activities.  He and Lona played a catch the flip flop game.  They tied one of Lona's flip flops to the end of the kite tail.  The kite flyer would try to zoom the kite near the other person who was trying to catch the flip flop.  Once caught then they would switch places.  John and I pretty much read books, watched the kids, and just enjoyed the time. 
Every since the first time we came to Cannon Beach, I have run either in the morning or in the evening on the beach.  It has kind of become a tradition for me.  This year I would get up early and walk two miles either with or without my camera.  Then in the evening I would run those two miles.  I would be stiff and sore but it felt good to have some alone time in this way.  I talked to another gal and she said that she runs a lot at home but somehow feels closer to God on the beach.  I feel like that too.  I think it is because I'm being fed spiritually the whole week, like drinking out of a fire hydrant so that I can clearly see Him around me. 
Pendant presque tous les jours en vacance nous allons a la plage.  Nous achetons un skim board pour Job et il le utilise beaucoup.  Il le voir les instruction d'utilise le skim board par internet et practique dans la chambre.  Il devien bien avec le skim board.  Lona fait les chateaux du sable.  Et Isaac a joue avec ses amis, a utilise le skim board parfois, a vole un cerf-volent.  Il a attache un chausseur de Lona a la queue du cerf-volent.  Si Lona peut l'attraper elle peut utilise le cerf-volent et il faut que Isaac attrape la chausseur.  John et moi, jouons avec les enfants, prennons des photos, et lisons des histoires.  C'est tres relaxant.  Chaque fois nous l'allez chez Cannon Beach je passe de temps tout seul a la plage.  Cette fois, je me reveille de bonne heure pour faire un tour a la plage, quelquefois avec ma camera et puis debut de soiree j'ai couru a la plage.  C'est un tradition pour moi.

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