Cannon Beach: the Rec Center

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The rec center is the most wonderful place after breakfast, dinner and before bed.  The kids rush through their meals and then yell out, "I'll be at the rec center."  All their friends hung out there.  Isaac became somewhat of a pool shark.  By the end he could sink more than two pool balls in a row.  Job usually watched pool, however he played carpet ball and Foosball.   I became nervous for him when I watched him play in his tournaments. I may be a bit competitive for my children.  He did great!   Lona ran around the building with her friends, playing tag and being a girl.  I banned her from playing in the elevator.  John and I hung out in the room, on the beach and sometimes in the rec center.  The kids could be unattended at the rec center since they were over 8 years old and we took full advantage of it.  The staff was remarkable.  They were there to enforce the rules, and they also played games with the kids, sometimes it was pool and sometimes it was checkers.  Here are college kids and they payed attention to the little ones.  The little kids were in awe of them.
They also had family worship at the rec center.  We all got together in the gym to pray, sing, dance, play games and see what our children have been learning.

 It was only 15 minutes but it was fantastic.  I really like the family time and that it's broken up so that they kids have their time too. 

Il y a une place pour les jeu.  Il peut jouer le baby-foot, le basketball, le mini-golf.  Isaac aime de jouer les billiards. Apres une semaine il peut metre plus d'une balle dans la pochet mais n'est pas a le meme temps.  Lona jouet avec ses amies.  Elle a couri autour du centre de loisirs.  C'est parfait pour les enfants parce qu'ils ont a l'age qu'ils ne nous ont pas besoin avec leurs.  Les personnels sont gens a l'age d'universite.  Mais ils ont gentils.  Si un enfant n'avait pas un personne avec de jouer, le personnel joue avec lui.  C'est leur travaille mais ils ont vraiment content de faire ca.  Et les enfant pense beaucoup des personnel. 

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