By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Isaac is taking this class at school called Drafting and Design.  He made this little airplane out of a soda can.  Always thinking of his siblings he asked for the plans and brought them home.  One of our advent calendar activities was to make ornaments.  This year we made these planes.  I saved up the cans and cut the top and bottom off the can then opened them up.  Job drew on the pieces and soon became bored with the process. He decided to make his own fighter jet plane instead so drew out the pieces on paper as a template then traced them onto the aluminum and then cut them out. Isaac had already made one at school and was soon into his book. I made one and then Lona made about 5 of them.  She is so meticulous with craft projects.  I have some aluminum ready to others ready to go and want to copy the instructions onto paper and save it on the computer so we have it for another time. 

Another advent activity was to make a ginger bread house.  Costco has this kit where the house is put together and all you have to do is decorate it.  They include the frosting and the candies.  Again the boys spent about 15 minutes on the house and they were off doing other things.  Lona spent a couple of hours working on the house. The boys just wanted to eat it.  They took a hammer to the roof of the house.
Isaac prends une classe au lycee et ils ont faire des avions.  Ils ont utiliser les boites de coke.  Isaac introduits les plans d'avions chez nous pour Job et Lona.  Nous coupons l'haut et bas des boites.  Nous coupons tous les pieces pour l'avions et les collons ensembles.  Job fais un avions et decide qu'il veut creer son avions tout seul alors il concu son propre plans.  Isaac a deja faire un avion au lycee alors il ne veut pas le faire chez nous.  Mais Lona, elle est different.  Elle fini l'avion de Isaac et construit 5 autre avions. 

L'autre chose que nous faison sont construire un maison de pain de gingembre.  J'achete le maison tout ensemble et les enfant le font decorer avec les bon bons et les glacages.  Apres 15 minutes, les garcons sont finir mais Lona depense quelques heures avec le maison.  Le jour apres elle a fini le maison, les garcons l'ont ecraser avec un marteau.  Ils veulent juste le manger.

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