Five players, a ball, and a court =

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You may think that it is basketball but you would be wrong.  It is actually Futsal.  I know what in the world is Futsal?  Think of five guys a side and a soccer ball but smaller and less bouncy (30% less bounce) than a standard size 5 soccer ball.  Futsal is a game that has been around for 32 years in the US.  Which can be played on any basketball court both inside and outside. has a wealth of information about Futsal from the history to starting a league. Apparently it was developed in Uruguay at a YMCA there. There are many other names for this game including Mini-soccer and Five-a-Side. I saw it for the first time when I went to watch Isaac play at the YMCA.  I have always loved indoor soccer but it is limited to having an indoor soccer area which is not available in all areas.  With Futsal that need is eliminated.  Almost every school in America has a basketball court either indoor or outdoor.  I can really see this as being a school sport in years to come.  I liken it to basketball in that you have five players on the field that quickly change from offense to defense.  There are screens, passes and rebounds.  It is fast paced like basketball with the scores rapidly adding up.

Nous avons trouver un nouveau jeu.  C'est futsal.  C'est le football mais avec cinq jouers sans gardien.  Ici, nous n'avons pas un gardien.  Ils ont jouer avec une petite balle et sur un cour de basketball.  C'est plus vite de football comme basketball.  C'est developer en Uruguay et en les Etats-Unis, ils le jouent pour 32 ans. Mais c'est annee est le premiere fois que nous l'entendons.  Je pense qu'un jour les etudients jouent le futsal a l'ecole.  Isaac le joue chaque weekend.

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