By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So John, Job, and Lona headed to Montana for a week over Thanksgiving break.  They headed out on a Sunday morning and drove to Coeur d'Alene where they stayed the night.  The only real information I get is looking at what photos they took. Apparently they ran into snow on Lookout Pass into Montana.  Please tell me that Job didn't eat the snow and it was just posing.  They ate oreo cookies and little cuties the whole way.  Its always interesting to see what people eat or don't on road trips.  When John and I were first married, he liked to have carrots, apples, cucumbers and all sorts of "health" food for the trip.  He also listened to talk radio almost exclusively.  Now he eats junk food like the rest of us normal people and Job and Lona will only stand about an hour of talk radio so he listens to music too. 
Since there was a mountain lion prowling the property the kids needed an adult to accompany them outside.  They rode the 4 wheeler and drove it by themselves, shot at squirels and helped Pops feed the deer.  I watched a video of one of the kids on the 4 wheeler and I think they should have worn helmets and had a speed limit!  I guess that is one of the good things about me not being with them.  John also let them drive the van, working the pedals by themselves too. 
Aside from eating, shooting, and driving they had a little time to visit a couple of John's friends.  One of his friends has twins about Lona's age and the four of them got along great. 
They left Montana around 7 am and drove straight home arriving at 4:30pm.  I can't believe how fast they made it home.  We were texting back and forth the whole day.  I would get on the internet and look at passes before they got there so they knew what to expect.  Job and Lona spilled out of the van with all sorts of stuff from the dump fairy and were hugging and hugging and hugging me and the dog. 

Little things are devulged about their trip every now and then.  Like Uncle Kevin's dog sniffing the mountain lion trap or the stupid hats that they were trying on and the free popcorn they got at St. Regis.  Job watched hours of pumpkin bashing and then built his own trebuchet. 


Nanna cooking

Hotel in Coeur d'Alene

Man with a ten gallon hat

iPad & laptop = hours of entertainment

Uncle Kevin

snow flurries - non stickig kind

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