A Discovery: Faith Art Journaling

By Leslie Parks - Friday, November 07, 2014

Excited can not contain how I feel on the inside. Things are bubbling out of me. I am discovering learning, enjoying, experimenting with art, with journaling, with my Bible reading. I have often admired those who have daily quiet time, but was never motivated beyond a couple of days to read and to apply.  Enter my Grace Girls as I affectionately like to call them and they call me Mom. My middle school girls that I get to interact with each week are inspiring me to dig deep in the word. We are using art and journals to record what we are learning. We are going through the book of Mark in Youth Group and so in our small break out groups we get to dig deeper and to play.  Questions have been asked and things have been discovered. I've discovered that I am forgiven just like the paralytic was forgiven. Jesus forgave him and that was a proclamation of his state as a believer. Yes, I will still sin.  Daily. Hourly. Yet I am forgiven. Had I not dug deeper using art journaling I would have glossed over this. I've been told this many times yet really looking at studying has made a big difference. I love beautiful stuff and if I decorate my journal pages, and try different water color techniques so that I can make a beautiful background for my notes, then why not do it.  It makes me think of the beautifully illustrated bibles that monks worked meticulously on in monasteries.  My brush strokes can't compare but my faith is strengthened and I am excited.

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