I am From

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I am from many long nights staying up with the family
from the smell of freshly made waffles on Sunday as I wake up
and the long days spent in the car on our way to Grandma's.
From waking up early in the morning to find that I have to do school.
From wonderful summer days swimming in the pool with the neighborhood kids.
From the frustrating morning of shedding tears over math.
And the Wednesday nights of going to youth group, looking through thoses doors and seeing my friends smiling at me.
From the peace tea and candy at Greene's Corner a block away to waste all my money on.
From the days where ya just need a cup of tea and a hug.
From the soccer games in the rain and wind while family stands there...cold and wet yet cheering me on.
And from the Autumn days listening to the trees groan and shedding their leaves, while summer goes away and winter and Christmas grow near.
I am from Ferndale, Where friends are, tears are shedded but family and friends support and help you grow stronger.

By Lona Parks

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