A Lesson

I found the perfect car I told my husband over the phone.  I wanted to believe it so badly.  It was perfect too.  Small tin can, just right for hauling my 16 year old all over the place.  It would get great gas mileage. It would be a commuter car to get him to and from school and practices. It could haul the other kids as well.  My husband the practical and cautious guy wasn't so sure. Let's have it checked out.  Well it needed a little bit of work but not bad. We had some stuff fixed by our very trust worthy mechanic who also informed us that the alternator needed to be fixed as well. We decided to put it off for a little bit.  This car took our very mobile 16 year old all sorts of places and I was happy. Yes this was the dream kid car.  I was able to stay at home more and get things done. I wasn't the chauffeur and could participate in a small group because of this car. I was able to talk at church because of this car. Then a Tuesday hit.  This was a Tuesday that I was giving a talk to other moms, Job needed to be picked up from the high school at this same time.  Lona needed to be taken to the orthodontist also at the same time. This was the kid with the car that could do all that for me. Tuesday while getting set up for the talk I get this message, "my car barely made it home from the high school and smoke is pouring out of the engine". Are you kidding me?  Today of all days?  This couldn't happen yesterday or tomorrow? Today? Our very gracious and kind church secretary drove to my house, picked up the two kids, brought them down to church so they could get my van to go to the orthodontist.  My husband never said I told you so but the guilt of being too hasty weighs on me. It was my decision to purchase this car. I pushed for it. I saw my freedom from being pulled in multiple directions and I leaped. I think it still might be a good car, it just is out of commission for a while like over a month. The alternator did need to be replaced just sooner than we thought or hoped for. The radiator is sitting on my garage floor waiting for a replacement as well.  I'll have that freedom back again and the 16 year old is learning a little bit about mechanics.  He installed the new alternator and will install the radiator with my husband's help so it has become a learning project for him too. But oh, it is a learning lesson for me too.

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