A List: sweet sounds

Silence in the car,
Gently lapping waves against the hull of a boat,
Cooing of doves,
Rustling of dried leaves on a crisp Autumn day,
Crackle of hard snow under my boots,
Whimpers from a sleeping puppy,
"I love you" whispered by my husband or my children,
The sighs of a tired boy cuddled close on the couch,
A sincere thank you by the kids after going out for dinner,
The ticking of a clock late at night,
Snap Crackle Pop - Rice Krispies
Raindrops hitting the window on a warm summer night,
Children laughing in a swimming pool,
Creaking floor boards settling for the night,
My mother's voice,
A bagpipe being played on a summer's night in an alley,
My daughter playing the piano
Geese honking while flying overhead

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