A Calling?

By Leslie Parks - Monday, April 06, 2015

This boy wants to be a welder but I really think that engineering or some kind of research would be better. He likes to create and experiement and do new things. He does not like repetition at all. The other day he decided to make a bionic arm. He spent a couple of days building the sleeve for his arm. He worked on creating a joint that would allow him to bend and straighten his elbow. Then he needed it to stick out further than his hand so that the pinchers he created would be able to grab an item from a table. The final step was to program the NXT "mind" so that when he pushed a button the pinchers opened and closed around the choosen object.  It's still in preliminary design stages but I really think that engineering or project design would fit him better than welding. I think that welding would be great for a hobby where he could design things but only as a means to the end goal.

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