A Hunt with a twist

We've sort had egg hunts before but our Easters weren't characterized by them. We've done different things. It's been hard and we've tried to find a balance between what we thought a church wanted and what we've believed. This year I felt free to celebrate with an egg hunt. I quickly scanned Pinterest for ideas and came up with hollowing out eggs and filling them with bird seed. Before I filled them I dyed them with natural ingredients.  Again I turned to Pinterest for this.  I used turmeric, coffee, blueberries, beet juice, and tea.  I think that the blueberries were the best.  Turmeric was OK but not great.  I also picked leaves from our plants outside and then placed them on the eggs and covered them with bits of nylons.  I then placed the eggs within the nylons into a whisk and submerged them in jars with liquid and the ingredients plus some vinegar.  These jars I put into a pot and surrounded them with water and simmered it on the stove.  The reason I used the whisks were to keep the eggs in the liquid.  Since they were hollow they tended to float.  The whisk kept them at the bottom of the jar.  It worked OK.  Once they were out and dry I made the holes bigger and filled them with bird seed. Then I just used masking tape to seal up the holes.  On Easter after coming home from church, I hid the eggs  in groups.  Each egg with bird seed was hidden along with two to three chocolate eggs. The kids had to find the eggs and break the eggs on some else's head.  The person who had sequences in their hair received a prize. I actually bought chocolate bunnies for Lona and Isaac and a box of dots for Job. Once they broke an egg on some one else's head it was a little bit of a war and John and I both received an egg to the head.  It was hilarious to watch.  I really wanted to make it fun for a 16 year old but I think Job was the one that got into it the most. Isaac was a good sport in humoring me to look for the eggs and then allow both Job and Lona to break an egg on his head.  He's a good oldest brother.

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