A series of Sleepovers

 We've had many boy sleep overs.  They consist of food, video games, maybe a movie with more food, breakfast and more video games.  But girls, they are different.  They are busy, extremely different and they chatter and craft and do their hair (different colors), and paint their toes and nails, and cook and bake and paint their faces and wash their hair. It's a whole different ball game with girls. Sometimes it's like having toddlers because they are so busy but the great thing is that they can pick up after themselves. Sometimes I feel like the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) book only it would be named "If You Allow a Girl Sleep Over." Sometimes, their ideas work out, like painting the mason jars and sometimes they don't such as kool-aid coloring their hair. They've had success dying their hair with Kool-aid before but not so much this time. Then sometimes they take over my crafting, like hollowing out raw eggs to get ready for an Easter Egg hunt.  It was the noise of blowing out the egg and watching the yellow stream of liquid streaming into the container that drew them in. Sometimes it's one extra girl and sometimes it's a group.  Won't summer be fun, with all sorts of days to have sleep overs?

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