A Spring Tradition: Bonfire and S'mores

She has been asking to have a family bonfire but realistically it isn't possible.  We are only a family of five however getting everyone at home on the same night at a reasonable time and all wanting to sit around the fire is next to impossible.  Key word I think is the "wanting".  John thinks bonfires are stinky.  He's kind of picky that way. I finally bought all the S'more stuff and she gathered wood from the "wood box".  It isn't really a wood box just some place we throw tiny useless scrap pieces of wood, sometimes cardboard and newspapers.  She drug that out to the back yard, assembled the chairs and the little table with all the S'more makings. Then she took the BBQ lighter out and started the fire by herself.  I was quite amazing. I don't think that the boys ever did that. Job did singe his eyelashes, eye brows and hair once but that was with Dad's supervision in lighting the BBQ.  She has a little bit of an independent streak in her. I wonder where she got that. I mean the youngest child isn't supposed to be independent right? Or are they supposed to be really independent and not need anyone? Not sure which it is. Within five minutes of her sitting out there by herself, family members slowly started trickling outside to make their own S'more and then our neighbor came over as well. That has also typically been a Spring Tradition as well.  Of course Job doesn't do things the same as everyone else. He decided to climb to the top of the orchard ladder and attach his marshmallow to fishing line and roast his marshmallow that way. Why? Can't he be normal? By the way, fishing line melts and his marshmallow was doomed to burn in the middle of the bonfire. Nothing is normal. I left at the time they decided to make paper airplanes and set them aloft while in flames. That was my husband's idea. And some wonder why bonfires and kids make me crazy.

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