A Birthday: 15!

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

 A few fun facts about this boy.  He's 15 now, a freshman in high school.  He plays select soccer on a Ranger team. He still loves Legos but doesn't spend the time with them like he used to. He created a fantasy football team and contacted his friends, both young and mature. I'm on it. He is taking weight training at school along with french and small engines as electives. He likes to watch conspiracy theorists stuff, top 10 stuff and science stuff.  He loves breakfast sausage, shrimp, pasta, carrots, and cucumbers. His favorite color is red. He is really good at playing with younger kids and engages with them in their play. His music is all over the board. He has been listening to 80s and 90s music lately.  He can sing all the lyrics to most songs and know who the artist is. Sometimes I think his learning style is auditory but I think it is hooked to music. He is small for his age but it doesn't affect him.  He isn't bitter about it but takes pride in it. He tries to be a connector between Lona and Isaac. He loves reading store bought birthday cards and can spend an hour reading and laughing. The older he gets, the more he laughs which I am so glad about. He will turn red and squint his eyes laughing if you tell him that you know who his crush is. He doesn't have one that I know about but it is so fun to tease him. He's comfortable in the fact that he's not ready for girls and that girls aren't thinking about him either. The place to go for birthday dinner is Olive Garden. I'm excited to see how he grows and changes this next year.

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