Soccer Tournaments

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This summer like I already mentioned was full of tournaments.  Baker Blast, Dungeness Cup (which we didn't attend) and the Skyriver Tournament in Monroe, that two out of three kids participated in. Phew that filled our summer.  We lost and won and tied and learned a lot and I photographed and documented it all.  Lona's team lost a player due to moving up and gained a player who moved back to town. Not only did they play in tournaments but they also reffed tournaments as well.  Isaac was a referee for tournaments both in Whatcom County but also in Skagit county and he would have been a referee at Monroe as well if he wasn't home watching dogs. I really think that tournaments are a great time for the kids to interact with their team mates and the parents get to know the other parents and the kids as well.  You start putting families together and making connections.  It has been good for us but takes a lot out of our summers.

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