Explore: Fairhaven

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How often do we live in an area and not really know it. It seems like our home towns are over looked and a little mundane. I mean we see it all the time, it is no longer special but people come here to visit, to vacation, to explore. One Friday this month, my friend, Marie, and I went to Fairhaven, that quaint town with the brick streets that is part of Bellingham. I don't often go to Fairhaven just because I have no reason to. None of my kids have activities in that part of town and neither do I, so I just don't go. Fairhaven is full of interesting little things that I didn't know about. Take the engraved cement placards on the ground. I have no idea how many there are but you can find the dog drowning pond, not for cats apparently, the place that President Garfield buggied past, and where a gentleman was cut in two by a town car. There are others as well. Some of them have the little code so you can find more about that particular placcard. Then there are the beautiful brick buildings with all sorts of character and charm. The details in the tiled entry way the oversized doors with detailed trimwork, the wrought iron fences that remind me so much of France. It is a little hidden gem right in my own area. Thanks to Marie, who has explored here before me and took me along for the morning.

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