Lake Whatcom: Our last hurrah of the summer.

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There is always that one last time on the water before putting the boat away for winter. We hardly used it this summer. September and it was the first time that I was out on the water. Not the norm for me but this was a different summer. Matt, Isaac's friend joined us and we shoved off the dock and headed to open water. As soon as we were able, we tossed the tube into the water and the kids jumped on.  They tubed for a while but once they were tossed in the water they wanted out. It was chilly.  I needed my sweat shirt on the whole time. An hour of tubing and they were done with it. We threw out the wake board and Lona jumped on. She just loves it. She still wants to go slow when she's doing the butter turns but other than that she is wants speed so she can catch air.  Job didn't want anything to do with the wake board, instead he likes to water ski. He was able to drop a ski and I hope he gets to the point of starting on one ski in the water. First things first though.  We need a little flag to attach to the dropped ski so we can find it and other boats don't run it over. A couple of times on the skis and he was done.  The older boys were content to eat and hang out instead. So Lona jumped on again and we were off for another 40 minutes or so. Finally decided to head back in and Lona was going to board the whole way, right until the motor quit as we were heading in. I was just getting ready to call some friends that live on the water when John got the engine going again. I guess it's a good time to haul the boat out, fix it up and store it for winter.

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