A Boy in Pink

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, April 21, 2016

He walked confidently into the gym wearing a pink t-shirt.  He strutted over to his team, they were all girls and wearing pink. It didn't faze him. I wondered when he agreed how he would feel. I knew Lona's response - "NO WAY. HE IS NOT PLAYING WITH US!" The girls passed it around the court and he jumped in like he was a regular player and not a sub.  They played against a much younger team. They were skilled. The girls and Job held their own to a point.  Then came the drama. The pink team was pressing towards the goal, Job had the ball. He looked up and realized that he had a shot. He cocked his foot back, and sent the ball flying towards the goal only to take out the smallest girl on the other team. It smacked her full in the face and down she went backwards. I was appalled.  "JOB, APOLOGIZE! SEE IF SHE'S OK!" I screamed from the sidelines. My boy child just rocketed a shot into a girl's face. I didn't see her reaction but the parents pulled me back to my seat and let me know that as the girl was getting up, she mouthed a few choice four letter words towards this much older boy that took her out. From then on for the rest of the game it was war between her and Job, at least in her mind. He came up against her a couple more times and she was playing for keeps. After wards he let me know that she signed up for the league and so she either needs to duck or deal with it.  I still think that there is a sense of being a gentlemen on the court.  The grey team ended up winning, so I'm sure that was a consolation for her.  Until they meet again.

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