A Season of Soccer

By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 22, 2016

I've watched this kid play soccer for 10 years now. He went from a little tyke whose jersey came past his knees to this annoying little speeding danger on the soccer field. I'm not just saying that as a mother. I've watched him pull the ball back just when the defender goes for the ball and zipping around them to go up the field and pass it off.  I've seen the look of frustration on the other kid's face especially when they out-weigh and tower over him.  He does the same move to me, to his dad, brother and sister.  It's always the same, just as you think that he has lost it by having it too long he does that pull back and switches directions.  It is so frustrating.  I've also seen how his weight prevents him from keeping the ball.  If he isn't careful, some kid comes from behind and bowls him over.  They go shoulder to shoulder but when one kid weighs in at 85 pounds dripping wet and the opponent weighs in at 136-160 pounds there isn't really a contest.  He just flies off the ball as to be expected.  This obstacle kept him on the C-team for high school.  He had a wonderful coach who seemed to really care about his players.  I liked that so I am grateful he had that coach.  The JV coach though had approached me earlier in the year and let me know even before tryouts that Job wasn't making JV.  He had the skill, enough to make Rangers and play for the year where as there were kids on the JV team who had only one year of soccer experience but were heavier.  It was the weight which is a great lesson in life but hurts a mom's heart. Job though had no problem.  He likes the weight he is and doesn't seem bothered by it. He even went out and played with a severely sprained wrist for part of the season.

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