An Outing: Artist Point

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our family has finally all gone to Artist Point via snowshoes.  Isaac went with his friend Taylor once and again once with Ben.  Then John and I took Job and Lona up there. It seems as though these kids make every outing an adventure. We can't just snowshoe we have to jump off overhangs, over and over again filming it as we go.  We can't go the easy way we have to challenge ourselves and go straight up. We can't stop part way but go all the way before we eat.  Sometimes I marvel at what we do, not because what we do is great.  We are not extreme people or have insanely athletic kids, but we are just enjoying our adventure of life as a family. I am so glad to be able to share in these adventures with them.  I did miss Isaac who was at home plugging away at school work, getting ready for his finals.

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