Hammock Time

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, April 14, 2016

It was warm that day, extremely warm, like summer time. I was hunched over the vegetable bed pulling weeds and turning over the soil getting it ready to plant. They were outside talking and scheming, busy running in and out of the house, gathering their supplies. Tent stakes, and straps, pillows and sleeping bags. She had a system and was getting it set up. He was looking for misplaced stuff, asking, "Do you know where..." I was busy.

 Then I looked over and they had stacked their hammocks so that they both could use Lona's rainfly and they were chatting together. The flowers in the cherry trees were creating a beautiful canopy over them and I realized that they had the right idea. Just to enjoy the unusual beautiful warm day during Spring Break. Their plan was to sleep outside that night but they watched Predator and by midnight they were inside asleep in their own beds.

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