A Realization: Different than I Thought

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 23, 2016

The title of the book drew me in and made promises to me, touched me and quite literally forced the purchase of it without looking at a single page. The cover connected to me with the graphics. I needed it.  I hadn't even touched it, just seen it.  One click and it was purchased. While waiting I dreamed of the small adventures I would have with the book, the introspection, the thoughts that it would pull from deep inside my mind. Who would I share it with? Would I feel connected? Would I learn about myself, my art? It arrived and immediately I torn into it. Eager. The first few pages I understood, I had studied already but the heart of the book, would it live up to it's promises? The photos were inspiring, yet I wanted more, I wanted questions, I wanted something that would force me to look hard and ponder. I set up a time with three other gals and we met at my house.  We talked about the book, I had already decided that Tenant Lake would be our destination. The chapter would be "A Walk in Nature". It suggested things like getting on your knees and shoot from down low, or look for harmony in shapes. However I wanted some introspection such as why did I take that photo? What drew me to capture that scene? What was I searching for in the photo? We arrived and I quickly struck out on my own, wandering, trying to find something that would inspire me.  Some days it works, and some days it IS work.  I liked the lavender, thyme and cattails, also the wispy cotton and spider webs on the ends of the branches.  The ridges of the wooden posts with moss being highlighted by the harsh sun begged to photographed. Quietly I photographed the delicate hairs and large eyes of the dragonfly, seeing the vibrant colors of blue, green and black. They all felt forced, like I was trying too hard to be in nature. Looking back on the photos, I feel like connection.  They are nice but I that is.  I realize I like purple in nature but not inside and definitely not on me. I like gates, particularly iron gates but I'm not a fan of western or modern gates. Bugs are not my thing either, though they are amazing. Bridges suggest a crossing to another place and I probably love it the most out of this whole series.  While taking these photos though I was reminded of two other books, "Bridge to Terabithia" and "Tommy's Adventure" a golden book.  So connections were made but not the way I thought.  "Shooting with Soul" is still inspiring but different than I thought. I'm not throwing it out, I'm just thinking about it in a different light.

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