An Outing: Deception Pass

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

It seems as though our time as a family is dwindling rapidly. When we are all together for a whole day happens only a handful of times each month. We are going different directions and so on this day we purposefully made the kids set aside time so we could spend it as family.  Ever since we went on a picnic when Lona was about a year old at Deception Pass, I've always wanted to go back. I have no idea why we've never done that again but this day we were able to make it happen.

We stepped out of the car on the island side of the bridge and started to make our way over the bridge. One of us turned back almost immediately. The others continued on.  We stopped, we looked and admired.  As I gazed out over the water I could hardly believe that I live here.  It's beautiful, incredibly beautiful. People travel across the world to visit and it's right in our backyard.
We returned to the mainland side and found a parking spot, an hour later and there wouldn't have been a parking spot anywhere.  A picnic lunch of cold chicken, hard boiled eggs, babybels, and fresh homemade bread baked that morning.  It was perfect.  Then to the beach we went. The whole goal was to sit, relax, explore, and watch the dog.

It's funny but we get to a beach, Job just gets busy, building things like this pile of rocks on top of a piece of drift wood or rolling a large log around the beach.  The kid can't sit still at the beach.  He is constantly doing. Why?

There is a little point that has trails everywhere. We climbed down to the rocky shore, found crab, and small fish and barnacles. We stood on top and looked over the edge, balancing on one foot.

 We posed for pictures and then goofed off.  It's amazing how much brothers think alike.

 This is such a "perfect" family and then....
this.  This is reality.  Annoyed, mischievous, and happy?!
This is my life...

and I love it. Most of the time.

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