An Outing: Seattle with the McKKs.

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 16, 2016

 John has a friend from college with whom he has kept in touch. I've gotten to know his wife and now our kids are getting to know each other. We all hung out a few years ago while in Montana and ever since then, the kids have kept in touch. Lucas and Sydney are twins and they get along with Job and Lona so well.  When we learned that they were coming out to visit the kids got so excited!  We met up with them in Seattle for the day and toured the Science Museum and Pike's Place Market.  Each time, it is like a vacation for me. We just don't get to Seattle for fun often.  Usually it's soccer or doctors and we try to cram some fun in but not just to be a tourist.  The museum was our first stop and it allowed the kids to get reacquainted while doing activities. They could let their guard down and just be who they are not who they think they should be.  I loved watching these four kids interact with each other, with parents, with the different stations and be fascinated.
I think Pike's Place Market is a study in people.  At one point there were about 6 of us strangers all remarking that we were MSU Bobcat alumni.  We all came together at one point at the same time and someone remarked on another person's MSU apparel.  I can't even remember who and then we were all saying, I'm from there too.  There was even someone from my hometown there although I didn't know them.  Truly we live in a small world.  We stood under the sign for the original Starbucks but were not going to stand in line for a moca.  We tried ginger beer and ate gelato and pain au chocolat. We posed for photos and took photos and listened to music and paid street buskers for their creativity. And we walked and walked and walked and it was great! I could go to Pike's Place Market every year and not have it get old but it's better sharing it with friends.  I see something new everytime and everytime it is different.

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