A Dance and A Date

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I hardly know what to write about this.  It was chaotic, stressful, and rushed. Never has one of my kids gone to the Homecoming dance.  This year Job, Lona and our exchange student Robin went.  It was drama almost from the second week of school.  First, Lona was going to go with her group.  Then her friend was asked and so the rest of the group didn't want to go. Then Lona was asked.  Robin wanted to go and some of Lona's homeschool friends wanted to know what the hype was about.  I thought it would be great for them to go with Job and Robin. So that was settled but I stressed over it.  Then there was the whole issue of shopping for dresses.  Lona found one online, but is was coming from Hong Kong.  Would it be there in time, possibly bust as the day of homecoming drew closer, it didn't appear that the dress would arrive on time.  Lona and I had a small window of time and we quickly ducked into a second hand shop and found a dress.  I thought she liked it, but then I saw some texts and discovered that she hated it. It broke my heart.  I didn't want to pressure her into a dress, I wanted her to like it instead of hating it. Then a few days before homecoming it was announced that the events were going to be postponed due to a possible severe storm.  So we had more time, however the girls that Robin and Job were going to go with couldn't make it the night homecoming was moved to.  No problem for Job, he was friends with another one of Lona's friends and so he asked her.  I guess they were walking together between classes and Job asked her if her parents would allow her to go to homecoming.  She said, "yes." So he asked if she wanted to go with him.  Very casual, no pressure,(of course he already knew the answer to the second question.) She said yes again.  What happened next surprised me very much.  Job wanted to get a tie to match her dress.  Her dress was black and so he wanted a black tie.  Then he needed shoes, and when I looked at his pants, I realized he needed new pants.  But to match his tie with her dress.  It was sweet.  Lona and Brooke met at our house to get ready at 2pm, it takes a while to do hair and make up and dressed and all that jazz, The rest of the group would be there around 4pm.  Job and Robin were playing a soccer game that I needed to pick them up from around 3:30 so they could get ready. Then the other kids started trickling in.  There was terrible traffic in town since they closed Main Street, (I forget why) and were detouring the traffic along one side road which made kids late.  Robin whose friend's date got him a date learned that they wouldn't be there until 4:30 which made us take three cars.  We arrived around 4:30 with John bringing Robin's group later.  The ferry terminal was packed with people taking inside photos and the guy wanted to close up and go home but he was gracious and left it open for the throng of kids and parents with cameras.  I wasn't thrilled with where we went but at least we were able to get some photos but not the way I wanted to. The boy had made reservations at a Japanese Restaurant and that time was fast approaching.  Robin's group finally showed up and I quick got pictures of them as the rest of the group made their way to the restaurant. John handed Job a credit card so he could pay even though we were there too, just in a different section.  It's kind of more grown up to pull out a credit card and pay for you and your date, (and your sister).  Dinner over and we drove the group to the high school to drop them off.  It was crazy to see the heels all the girls were wearing. I guess they check them in along with their purses and coats.  I picked them up around 11:00 and it was midnight before everyone was home.  Finally over and I don't want to go through another again.

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