A Milestone: Driver's license

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, November 17, 2016

 It was almost a year to the day from getting his permit to getting his license.  The first child to get his license was hard. The second much easier to handle. Veteran's day, school was cancelled but he was able to schedule his driving test during the morning. I waited in a classroom during the drive test.  I couldn't really let him drive himself to the drive test, or could I?  When we pulled up to the school we waited for about 5 minutes before a nice newer black mustang pulled into the parking lot.  A boy and the teacher got out.  They went inside and the boy came back outside with a piece of paper, got into the car and drove away (ALONE!!!).  I was shocked.  Nothing was said.  Anyhow Job and the teacher jumped into the car and they headed out.  I waited for maybe 20 minutes and he was done.  We left with our own piece of paper with instructions on how to get his license.  Did you know that if you have a learner's permit you can apply online and have it sent in the mail?  No waiting in line and it could be completed on holidays or after hours!  Yahoooo!  As soon as we got home, we were online completing the form. He just needed to keep a copy of the receipt until his license comes in the mail.  The next phone call was to the insurance agency to add another driver.  I wasn't even off the phone with them when he headed out.  I had no idea where he went.  An hour later he was back.  He had headed over to a friend's house who live on the next block over and then to the church yard which is less than a block away - just turn the corner.  He found his friends playing football there.  The next stop on his list were his friends across town that have been his best friends forever.  He went over there to play an intense game of MarioKart and hang out. I never thought he would disappear like that. Hilarious really.

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