A Timely Visit

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, November 03, 2016

John and I curled up on the couch, under a blanket and turned on Netflix.  It was a rare night with only one child at home. We click through the suggested movies and TV shows, settling on "The Imitation Game".  We try to get the middle one to watch with us but that Xbox has a better draw. I watch transfixed by the story and the characters, knowing that this is a true story - the people who broke the enigma machine.
A week or so later, after church we hop into the car to drive to H mart,  a Korean food mart and grocery store near the Lynnwood mall. However, a trip to a grocery store that far away has to be combined with another outing.  Enter the Flying Heritage Collection, a museum of vintage airplanes that have been restored to working order.  This museum is less than 5 miles from Hmart.  Of course we must stop and see it.  We walk through the first hanger, looking at these amazing airplanes.  They are from all countries during WWII. There are background infromation about these planes such as who flew them, the number of missions, where it was found. We could spent hours and hours in there but there is another hanger to explore and this is where I find it.  The Enigma Machine. Just like in the movie. The machine that the British spent years and years to crack. I am ecstatic to see this and just days/week after watching that movie.  I think right there is worth the drive to this museum!

Our Exchange Student, Robin, from Korea

The machine gun barrels on the plane below.

Job says he found his car.

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