Gun toting mamma

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, September 01, 2011

So a friend and I were thinking about what we were going to do when our kids are out of the house.  I mean really, after spending an hour cleaning house, throwing in some laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking what else am I going to do.  It's not like that will take all day.  With two people it takes only a couple loads of laundry.  There's barely enough dishes to run the dishwasher twice a week.  What am I going to do?  I really have no idea.  That's where the national guard came in.  I figured that I could pass basic training.  I looked at the physical requirements and I was quite capable of that.  The age requirements, I was still able to get in.  The husband requirement:  definitely absolutely not!  So I was lamenting to my friend what am I going to do.  We needed just a little excitement too. I think I'm having a midlife crisis and there isn't a sports car showing up in my drive way.  We came up with the idea of shooting.  I've shot BB guns, pellet guns and .22 rifles but never a hand gun. 

So I texted John and went to Yeagers to purchase a hand gun.  I didn't realize that they were that expensive and then I had no idea what kind to get.  The lady behind the counter asked why I wanted it.  Protection maybe?  No.  Why would I need protection?  I'm a middle-aged, van-driving, homeschooling mother of three kids.  It's not like I'm attracting that kind of attention.  No I just wanted to shoot something.  This lady was nice and kind and pointed me to the Plantation Range in Bellingham.  They rent guns.  Perfect.  You pay a day use, rent a gun and buy the ammo.  I grabbed my friend and her husband and to the range we went.  The guy let us rent a Sig, a glock and a Browning.  The Sig and glock were 9mm.  Way to big and loud for me.  The Browning was perfect.  I could load the clip fire off 10 rounds and take out the clip.  I learned how to carry the gun, and hold it without scrapping skin off my thumb.  I think I know what I want for my birthday.  Another friend told me that a Ruger .22 was a good handgun.  Anyone have suggestions please let me know.  I'm wanting to take a class maybe in October. 
 L'autre jour une amie et moi decidons d'aller tirer sur les armes a feu.  J'aime beaucoup.  J'apprendre d'apporter un arme a fue, charger les balles, et stander correctement.  Peut-etre je vais demander un pistolet pour mon anniversaire.

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