Camp Grandma's 2011

By Leslie Parks - Friday, September 16, 2011

We meet half way, sometimes exchanging vehicles when dropping or picking up the kids, sometimes flying home, sometimes just leaving kids.  This year I just dropped off the kids with my mother and enjoyed two weeks at home.  The kids on the other hand were busy.  Starting July 30th to Labor Day they had been gone 28 out 36 days.  Wow!   Two weeks of that was with my mother. 
Mes enfants visitent ma mere cette ete.  Elle me recontrantes au millieu pour prendre Isaac, Job et Lona.  J'ai peu avoir du temps de faire des chose a la maison.  Les enfants et ma mere vont a South Dakota pour un semaine.  Des photos en bas sont tous qu'ils ont faire.
The agenda for Camp Grandma 2011 was something like this:

Warm Springs
Un lac avec des coiusins

Des peche

Slip n Slide
dans la jardin

lise les livres

Mount Rushmore

Devil's Tower

Bear Country

Reptile Gardens

Crazy Horse Monument

Needle's Highway
and a myriad of other things.

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