She scares me

This girl scares me.  She scares her Dad too.  Every year he gets wrapped tighter and tighter around her finger.  Sometimes we get these glimpses of what she might look like or be like as a teenager.  I don't think we'll survive it.  I bet Isaac $50 that someday his friends would want to date his sister.  I don't  want it to happen.  In fact I dont want her to date ever but I know it's going to happen. 

She likes to do things:  wakeboard, water ski, snow ski, catch frogs, play soccer, ride her bike, and yet can be very girly: scrapbooking, embroidery, knitting, beading, dresses, jewelry and wanting a feather in her hair.

We are terrified!

C'est fille me fait peur.  Sa pere fait peur aussi.  En peu de fois, je vois comment elle est quand elle grandi.  Je suis faire de peur des garcons qui aiment ma fille.  Elle aime de faire des choses comme le ski, le ski nautiuqe, attrapper les grenouilles, jouer le football, prendre sa bicyclette, nauger mais des choses des fille aussi comme broder, tricoter, scrapbook, etapporter les robes et les bijoux.  Nous sommes terrifies.
Love by her Dad
Aime par son pere


Just Hold the Smile said...

I really like the Black and white photo! you have a beautiful daughter :)

Michelle said...

She looks like a rock star! :-) Seriously, when I first glimpsed the black and white photo, I thought it was my neighbor's daughter who is 20 - she looks just like her! Beautiful girl...