Lake Whatcom Labor Day

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We decided to head to Lake Whatcom this morning for a little time in the sun.  It was time to ski, board and tube before school started.  It might be our last chance for the year.  Soccer has started and so as of this week our Saturdays are taken up with soccer games.  We put into the lake around 10am and immediately had Isaac on skis.  He started with the big skis, quickly went to the little yellow ones.  These are great because they help train you to keep your feet together.  He just popped right up. Then he decided that he was going to wake board.  John has been thinking about how he gets up on the wake board. 

Here are his pointers:
1.  Bend your knees a lot so the board is close to your body
2.  Put your hands over the board
3.  Bend over as much as you can
4.  Roll forward as the boat pulls you up and you end up standing on the board.
This eliminates you slamming your hands on the front of the board.  Isaac did exactly as John told him to and he popped right up.  In fact he got pretty cocky and let go with one hand.  We encouraged him to try jumping and going outside the wake later in the day.
After Isaac was tired, we threw Lona in the lake and made her try skiing.  She just popped up.  She gets such a serious look on her face - it's hilarious.  After a couple of times skiing she just let go and slowly sunk into the water.  It was now Job's turn.  He is so light that John barely gave the boat any gas and he was on top of the water.  Unlike Lona he does not wear his emotions on his face.  His face is just so nonchalant.  Of course John just couldn't help but show the kids how to wake board.  They think that he's awesome because he jumps the wake.  I gave Isaac and Job the camera because I had to drive the boat.  I wanted photos of him doing his stuff.  He tried a 360 but couldn't quite pull it off.  He also showed the kids how to slalom ski.  I would love to be able to do that, hopefully next summer. 
A little time on the tube and then the kids were back in the water trying the wake board.  Isaac loves the wake board and thinks it's better than tubing or skiing.  Lona started it off with her and Job.  I bribed her to take out the wake board by telling her I'd put a feather in her hair.  I wish that I would have been that daring at that age.  It was so fun to watch her board.  Job commented that if Lona could get up then he could too.  The problem was that he has smaller feet than Lona and the bindings are made for adults.  Easily solved, he just needed to wear his water shoes and place them in the bindings.  Up he went. Not to be out done by his little siblings, Isaac decided that he would try going out of the wake and jumping it and try he did.  They rocked today!  Lona has goals of steering the board by the end of next year, and being able to jump by 16.  I think she could do that.  She has five years to go.
Nous avons passe la jour au lac.  Je suis en fier de mes enfants.  Ils ont appris faire du ski nautique sans aider et faire du wake boarding.  C'et le premiere fois les trois peut faire wake boarding.  Apres aujourd'hui, Isaac commence avec l'ecole et tous samedi est pour les matches du football.  Alors c'est le derniere fois nous pouvons aller au lac tous ensemble.

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