By Leslie Parks - Monday, September 26, 2011

How did this happen.  Rhetorical question.  I know how it happened but sometimes when I really think about it, it seems surreal.  My 2nd born is 11 years old.  He has very definitive tastes and opinions.  He had decided the night before that he wanted to open presents before John left for work which meant waking up and having a party before 6 am.  At 5:45 he bounded into our room getting me up so that we could watch him open his presents.  John had been up for a while but I like to sleep until 6:00 when I get Isaac up for school.  It was still dark outside.  Crazy.  Being a birthday, our homeschoolers took the day off.  I took a nap, Job played mine craft and put his RC car together.  There wasn't much to do, just insert the battery and put in the antenna.  Treat the car like a cell phone they said.  Which meant no driving in the rain (yes, it was raining) or through puddles or in wet grass.  No running it into curbs.  yadda yadda yadda.  The rules went on and on, but he took ownership of it. Next on the agenda was a trip to Greene's Corner for hot cocoa, cookies and some reading.  Then back home to have lunch with John.  He had a meeting in Bellingham.  He tries to schedule those meetings so he can have lunch with us.  There were somethings that we just couldn't cancel but seeing as though guitar is one of Job's favorite things it was ok to have lessons.  One thing I try to do for our kid's birthday is to have a favorite dinner, whether that's at a restaurant of their choosing or their favorite meal.  Job likes shrimp scampi.  So he made it for his birthday.  He's getting good at it. 
It's still dark.
C'est deja nuit.

Job etait onze annee.  C'est presque incroyable.  Il avait des idees definitives.  Il a decidele soir avant qu'il veut ouvrir des cadeaux du matin avant le temps que John partir pour son travaille.  Il me reveille a 5:45.  Je ouvre mes yeux et vois Job me regarder.  Il me demande, "Est-ce que je peut ouvrire mes cadeaux?"  Je decide de ne faire pas des devoirs aujourd'hui.  Au lieu de faire devoirs, nous allons a Greenes Corner (un cafe) pour des chocolat chaud, des biscuit et de lire.  Apres midi, Job a des cours de guitare a le meme temp des cours de piano pour Lona.  Pour le dinner, j'aime de faire les nourriture prefere a Job.  Il aime les scampi crevettes.  Alors il le prepare.  

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