By Leslie Parks - Thursday, January 19, 2012

We had three days of snow.  It usually happens once a year.  Last year it happened 5 days earlier.  The schools have been closed for two days now.  Since Isaac is in school this year for the snow days our home school has taken a break too.  We've shoveled snow, thrown snow, built a fort, and went sledding.  I figure if the kids are going to be out of school they may as well have fun!  They have to make it up during the beautiful days of summer so make it worth it now.   Lona gets up early, takes a sled and sleds in the street until she gets hungry.  Job gets up, eats a granola bar and heads out with Lona.  Isaac, well he just sleeps until one of us gets him up.  Isaac asked if the neighbors could go sledding with us.  We packed up the kids in our trucks and headed to Cornwall Church just down the road.  They have tiered parking which allowed us to park at the top of the hill.  The boys brought their snowboards since they can sled or board in their boots.  Lona tried it once, she didn't do too bad.  Isaac and I went on a sledding run together.  At the bottom we noticed this brown furry thing scurrying over the snow.  I yelled at the kids and we all tried to capture it.  It ran over our boots, and jumped through our hands.  Finally Job grabbed it and as it jumped Lona caught it.  She cupped it in her hands before dumping it into Isaac's hat.  Pour little creature.  It was scared.  We did let it go after everyone had a good look at it. We saw another one later on but let it hide.  Towards the end the boys built a jump and started arguing with the girls about who would be the first to test the jump.  When it came down to it, the boys did test the jump first.

Nous avons recu des neiges.  C'est cinq jours tards que l'annee passee.  Les ecoles sont fermer au cause de le neige.  Les routesw sont tout glissade.  C'est trop dificile de faire les devoirs chez nous parc que Isaac est la.  Alors nous n'avons pas faire des cours aussi.  Lona se reveille tot est pris le luge dehors pour glisser dans la rue sans petite dejeuner.  Job se reveille tot, mange un biscuit est sort de jouer avec Lona.  Et Isaac, il dors.  Il y a un eglise pres de nous qui avait des colline.  Nous demandons si notre voisin veulent aller avec nous de faire le luge.  Les garcon ont pris leur snowboards.  C'est facile de faire le luge ou snowboard avec le meme bottes.  Nous sommes chaser un petite souris et attrapper le souris.  Au fin les garcons sont construire un saute.  Ils sont en discorde qui peut aller le premiere.  Les filles choisissent les garcons d'aller d'abord.

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