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By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

We have two referees in the house.  Both Isaac and Job are refereeing this season. It has been a challenge keeping every one's schedule straight on Saturdays.  Not to mention that a couple of times schedules had changed but I didn't realize that some game times were changed.  I'm trying to keep track of when three kids play soccer and two kids ref games  That can be a total of 9 games on Saturday.  I have no idea how Kyle and Erica the ref organizers do it.  It's amazing.  Aside from me trying to stay organized I really believe that this reffing thing is teaching the boys a lot of real world stuff.  Job referees U6 and U7 games, so he make $7 a game.  Isaac is refereeing older kids, U11 and U10 so he makes $15 a game.  They are running the game.  They call fouls, out of bounds, corner kicks, and goal kicks.  With the older kids, the referee gives the coaches the permission to sub in, times the games and calls off-sides.  The only downside for Job is that he gets so cold and has a terrible time keeping his fingers warm.  Even on warm days he'll wear gloves.  This year Isaac has had some challenges with coaches.  He's been yelled at and had coaches go back and forth on whether a call was appropriate or not.  He's had coaches make bad reports and is learning to go through their comments and look at what can be constructive criticism and how that can help him to be a better referee.  I have a very difficult time taking constructive criticism.  It's even harder to sit there and read it about my boy who's first off-sides game was with two incredible difficult coaches.  In fact another coach was on the side-lines and asked Isaac if he needed to get a field marshal to step in and deal with these coaches.  But there is always something we can learn in these situations.  It has taken a little glow away from being a referee for him although the pay check is still nice for him.  For boys who like to sleep in I'm surprised that their first choice of game times is 8:00 in the morning.  They have to be at the field by 7:30 to check in so there isn't any sleeping in on Saturdays for them. 

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