In Between season

By Leslie Parks - Friday, May 04, 2012

There is this in between season at our house.  It's between winter (rain) and the pool opening, when those sunny days call to us to be outside but it's still chilly.   Well that is a relative term, relative to I want to be outside or inside playing video games.  There is this area in the back yard that has sand and mud where we place our swimming pool.  That spot that really has no use unless we have a campfire.  That spot that is just perfect for building mudballs and creating lakes and rivers with the hose.  That spot that is only there during the in between times.  In the winter its too cold for the hose but the in betweens well, the sun is out so the hose must be able to be turned on.  So logical.  So the inbetweens are full of volcanoes, tunnels, rivers and the best are mudballs.  Baked to rock hardness in the sun and a gooey, sloppy mess most of the other times.

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