By Leslie Parks - Sunday, May 27, 2012

About 10 years ago John built this play structure.  I had read in a magazine how a landscape designer used plants to camouflage his kids play structure.  His play structure had a jungle feel to it and his kids loved it.  I had also read in a Martha Stewart Magazine about Wisteria how it can take over a structure.  So John's Dad brought up a small wisteria plant for us.  Every year we get more and more flowers.  Every year John works hard to prune it so that it grows the way we want it to grow - over the structure so it forms a living roof.  This year it has surpassed my expectations and I was surprised.  The last time I looked out my kitchen window the wisteria was promising lots of blooms.  When I returned from my trip to Montana and saw my wisteria from my kitchen window my breath was taken away.  It is in full bloom and I am hard pressed to find green leaves among all the purple blooms.  John has been begging me to take photos of Lona in the wisteria ever since I came home.

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