He's 14!

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yikes,  Isaac turned 14.  Where did that time go?  I ask that each time one of the kids has a birthday.  With Isaac turning 14 though it just seems like a milestone.  No can't drive but he's ending his middle school years.  He'll be in high school next year.  He's starting to get to be more of a man.  But just starting.  You the beginning - hairy gorilla (armpits), stinky man smell, very strong opinions.  What will this next year bring?  I see only four years left with him.  Possibly two if he goes to Running Start.  He'll still be at home for that but it will mean more responsibility, more independence, more grown up.  I'm excited for him and also excited for myself.  I mean hopefully I've done my job and he'll fly away.  Oh, I don't want him to go but I also do. 

For his birthday, we decided to celebrate a little just family.  I was leaving on his birthday so Job, Lona and I decided to surprise him.  We cleaned the house (not like he cared - but I did).  Lona made fudge (Grandma's recipe) and Job helped me make a banner and he put it up.  Job and Lona also put up little paper balls all over.  I had balloons in his favorite color tied to a chair.  I picked him up from school and brought him home.  He was surprised.  Loved that.  When John came home we went to Olive Garden which all the kids love to go to for their birthdays.  Then home for fudge and presents.  We want to have something for him and his friends soon.  Just have to figure it out.

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