Fort Langley

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, October 28, 2012

My favorite camera bag.  It was so agreeable to pose for me.

Self portrait
(Marie do you see the hat?)

Just for the record, Fort Langley and Langley are not the same place.  If you type in an address for Fort Langley double check mapquest because it may take you to Langley and not to the right address.  I left home about 2 hours early to drive to Fort Langley.  I needed to get gas, a Starbucks, and cross the border.  I had been to Fort Langley a couple of years ago but needed to refresh my memory.  I was meeting five other photographers up there for the afternoon.  I had one print out using the Blaine crossing and one using the Lynden crossing.  I dutifully followed the directions and ended up in Langley looking for Village Coffee and Tea Company.  I went around the block a couple of times and realized that I was not anywhere near Fort Langley.  I pulled over, looked at my Blaine crossing directions and pieced together an idea to get to Fort Langley.  I don't have a data plan with my phone, so needed all paper directions.  Luckily I had given myself plenty of time and arrived just at 3 when we were to meet.  Originally I had planned to walk around a little bit before going into the cafe.  I walked in, ordered another coffee and sat and chatted photography for about an hour before we went out to shoot.  I received a lensbaby for my birthday and decided to use that for my walk around lens.  I'm still working on the focusing.  It's manual focus as well and moving the lens to the spot that should be in focus.  Its a fun lens to play with.
I so want to go to Fort Langley near Christmas.  I can just imagine it with snow.  Towards the end of our get together the fog started rolling in from the Fraser River.  It was beautiful and on the way out of town there was this cemetery with beautiful leaves in the trees and on the ground.  I almost stopped to wander but decided since it took me most of two hours to get there, I needed to get home.  Now I'm kicking myself. 

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