Happy Birthday to me!

By Leslie Parks - Monday, October 08, 2012

The big 4-0-.  Yes I turned 40.  I decided that I was going to love turning 40.  I knew I would need a little adventure.  My Mom and I went to the Bahamas in March to celebrate me turning 40.  I absolutely loved traveling with my Mom.  Six months later I actually turned 40.  My birthday fell on a Wednesday which meant that I would be checking kids into Awana on my birthday night.  It's only my 40th after all, really no big deal.  In my mind I had already celebrated it.  I bought myself a new lens and it would get here around my birthday.  So I was good.  About three weeks before my birthday my friend asked if we could do another cooking night.  Saturday is about the only evening free, all other evenings are booked due to soccer or Awana.  I didn't even give it a second thought.  The last cooking night was great.  I loved getting together to do that.  I put it on the calendar and that was that.  Saturday morning came and John got up early like usual.  I went into the bathroom and I heard John walk out the garage door directly below the bathroom window.  Then he said something about picking "it" up around 5:30.  So in my mind I immediately start to think of things to pick up: an iPhone, borrow some one's motorcycle/convertible, some jewelry, flowers.  I figured that we could do that on the way to dinner. I had to let him know that I knew he had a secret, but he wasn't saying anything.  Then right before we went to a soccer game I heard him outside the kitchen window saying no gifts just cards.  So I'm thinking he has something planned for Sunday night because we have this cooking thing going on that night.  I'm thinking that we would go out to eat with a couple of people or so, really no big deal.  Saturday night finally rolls around and he's sitting on the couch watching college football.  He never does that.  Maybe NFL but not college.  He did have a full day of coaching on the soccer fields and likes to relax between activities but college football?  Never happens, I don't know why.  I quickly went to the store to get some appetizers for the cooking thing, we were having Indian food.  Dan is getting ready to go to India.  Around 6:10 some of his friends from work and a friend from soccer show up at our house and I answer the door.  Apparently communications were mixed up and they were to go to Dan's house.  I'm still thinking that we are cooking Indian food and that John invited a couple extra people.  I didn't know that we were NOT cooking Indian food but it was a surprise party.  So away we went to Dan's house where so many people were waiting.  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe it.  Still almost a week later, I can't believe it.  I can't believe that he kept this a secret for over three weeks, let alone that he can keep a secret from me.  It was so smart of him to enlist Tara, Marie and Karen to help plan it.  It was smart of him to do most of it from work and his work email.  I can't believe that he asked to use Dan's house.  I felt so blessed by my friends, both who attended and who didn't.  I'm hoping to snag some photos from people who were there.  I am loving 40!

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