Halloween Costumes

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Before Halloween I made the kids dress up and go outside to take photos of their costumes.  I love the color in the neighborhood as the trees are changing.  I love it when the sun shines and makes those colors glow.  Although I think that our photos last year had more glow to them. 

This year Job decided to be a Hazmat worker.  He loves science.  John brought home a tyvek suit from work, the smallest he could find and we used a belt the make it work.  We had the respirator and safety goggles and gloves.  Job's
cast was glow in the dark.  Halloween day he created a nuclear symbol and taped it to his 5 gallon candy bucket.   He used his snowboarding boots to round out his costume.  The only problem was that he got hot.

This girl decided to be Lona the Piranha of Cuteness.,  It was kind of valley girl of the 80s costume.  Pink tights, blue/purple skirt, shirt from my closet.  She is such a poser.  she has me say one-two-three and on three she strikes another Lona the Piranha of Cuteness pose.  The finger on the check kills me.  Where does she get this. 

This boy brings me to my knees in prayer.  I'm not dressing up for Halloween.  It's dumb is what I heard.  But your friends are dressing up.  No they aren't but they did.  At the last minute he decided to be a gangsta.  The chain is from my jewelry drawer.  The pants are his Dad's pants.  The shirt and hat are all his.  What is hilarious is that with all his toughness, his pants are unbuttoned.  the rule at our house is that your pants have to be firmly around the waist not the butt.  I don't want to see any one's underwear.  It's called underwear for a reason.  You wear it under clothes.  This was his one chance to wear it around his butt.  Luckily for him he wore basketball shorts under the pants.  See photos below.  We actually had about 15 minutes to take these shots before I had to leave with one of the kids.  I can't remember who or where but we were in a hurry.  I'm blessed that after tens of thousands of photos they are still willing to do this for me.

This may be one of my favorite candid shots.
 He is such a good actor sometimes.

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