Heliotrope Ridge

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, September 30, 2012

Early morning fog on the way
to Mount Baker

Snack Break

He doesn't help her across the creek.

Strategically placing a flimsy log
over rushing water.

Coleman Glacier

Over looking the Canadian Cascades

Still smiling at the end of the hike

Job went back to school on Thursday. He came home with over 80 signatures on his cast.  His goal is 100 and he's well on his way.  John has vacation that he needs to use or lose so he decided to take Thursday off.  He had been talking to an avid hiker and decided that we would do Heliotrope Ridge.  We had hiked that when the kids were little, and I mean really little.  I think that Lona might have been 2 or 3.  We shouldn't have gone when we did.  It was early summer and the run off on the creeks were high,over flowing and there were no bridges.  This time though it was great.  There was just one stream that was tricky not hairy.  Six miles round trip and a beautiful day.  Lona has benefited being the only child home. Having Lona fall asleep on the way home is a successful hike.  BTW, Skagit made it the whole way too.

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