By Leslie Parks - Saturday, March 02, 2013

The other day Lona just breezed through her school work or so it seemed to me but she started an hour earlier than normal.  So by 11 am she was mostly done and we packed up the little bit of math, her knitting, my camera, and my knitting and hurried out the door to our local coffee shop.  She ordered a Sobe and I a tea (I'm trying to kick the caffeine habit) and found the perfect spot by the window.  The perfect spot because I wanted to recreate a shot I had taken a couple of years earlier and because it was raining and the light was beautiful there.  She finished her math and took out her project. We started it all over and she quickly caught up to where she was in the first place but the stitches were easier to work with since they were looser on the needle. I love the concentration she has when working on her project.  She's knitting a hat for her oldest brother.  He had asked if she would make him a hat in his favorite color with ear flaps so she searched for a pattern and printed out this one.  She really does like knitting.
I love the lighting in here on a rainy grey day.  The colors of the yarn, the colors of the wall, the side lighting just make magic for me.  She's so willing to help me out and it helps to have her occupied with something else.

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