Ice Skating

By Leslie Parks - Friday, March 29, 2013

Our trial year of ice skating is done.  I think that in order for Job to get good we would have to devote our life to being at the rink.  We would need to join the figure skating club, take extra lessons and live at the rink.  It was a great experiment though.  He got some things out of it.  He moved up levels from basic 4 to basic 6.  He learned lots of stuff and had fun.  The down side to ice skating is that there is ice and coldness involved.  We once went down right at 2:30 and ice skated until 4:30, then had a break while the Zamboni was out and then had lessons.  At the end he was in tears because he was so cold.  He has no way to keep warm, no fat cells in his body.  That was the last time we did that. I even pack toe warmers for him so he can stay warm.  Even with that he says he loves ice skating.  I don't get that but hey, he's Job.  Another thing that interests him is speed ice skating.  I wonder if we might try that out  next year.

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