Science Fair

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, March 17, 2013

This year Job needed a science project for 6th grade.  His question was does weight affect the speed of a boat?  His hypothesis was the more weight the boat has the faster it will travel down stream because there would be more water pushing on more of the boat.  This was our family's first science fair project.  We had a lot to learn.  It was a project that spanned from November to March.  There were due dates along the way and Job had to turn things in a couple of time to learn what was expected with each deadline.  Over Christmas break, John took Job to the Lynden City Park to run his experiment.  They grabbed everything they needed and headed off down the road only to return a few minutes later to get his "boat", a two-litre coke bottle.  They spent a couple of hours sending his boat down the stream and timing it.  The last part of the experiement was making a display board about his experiment.  John helped with the experiment part by wading in the water and catching the boat,  I helped by purchasing the display board, spell checking and proof reading his work.  Job did everything else.  There were a few tears over the whole project but in the end it worked out even though his hypothesis was proven a bust, which in itself is a great lesson.

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