Crazy Hair Night

By Leslie Parks - Friday, March 01, 2013

Lona gets so into the theme nights at Awana. It's her thing. The best nights though are crazy hair night which means that I need to come up with something crazy. Enter pinterest. A while back Lona was looking through the pinterest board (I can see a future addiction for her) and came across a site about crazy hair.  She pinned it. Hmmm. Anyhow months later, she informs me that it's crazy hair night and she wants to put cones in her hair and have her hair stick out. We found her pin, went to Michaels and within 20 minutes had her hair up and ready to go. We had about 10 minutes for a photo shoot then out the door for Awana. I wish I had better photos.  I may have to have her do this again and really work on the photos. Unfortunately that hairstyle tends to be a little painful when her hair is bumped, it pulls on her hair. The upside to this was that she won for crazy hair night.  Apparently her hair stuck out more than anyone else. She had to go through the doors sideways.  I'm wondering if this might be a fun thing to do at a birthday party.  I'll have to put that in my brain and save it for later, mull on it and think it through.

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