High School Soccer

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, April 28, 2013

I was a little leery of Isaac making it on the High School soccer team.  There were so many kids trying out and he isn't the fastest, but he's smart on the field. I think he will make a great coach someday. The coaches told the kids that there would be cuts after the second week.  He ran 3 miles every night for two weeks before tryouts even started.  I asked if he wanted to go out for golf but he tried out for soccer anyway.  Apparently they didn't make any cuts other than cutting kids who weren't eligible due to grades.  He didn't make varsity but that takes an extremely talented freshman to do that.  He didn't make JV but again he's only a freshman and there is time for that.

He made the C team. It has been a good fit for him.  Unfortunately his team has tied only one game and lost the rest but he's getting some good experience.  Last week, I was able to make the game and I took out my camera.  I've got to record at least one game on film.  It was a tough team, and I mean football tough because for a second or two I thought that was the game they were playing.  At one point Isaac had the ball when the opponent came up and did a full on football tackle.  Isaac went up and over and landed on his back.  The ref didn't call anything.  The parents were yelling about the kid being out of control and the coach pointed at Isaac on the ground and said, "Come on ref."  The ref responded, "Calm down Coach, play on."  I didn't know whether to walk over and hug Isaac or leave him a lone.  I was concerned as a parent.  This same player had done the same thing earlier to a couple of other kids but not as hard.  I'm all for a physical game but when it gets out of hand, I'm not so good.  They have one more game before the end of the season hopefully it will be nicer than that game.

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