There are these two boys that come over sometimes.  They absolutely love to tease Isaac.  They say all kinds of things to him. They try to tease him about their oldest sister but he doesn't bite.  However they really like to hang out with Job.  They Rollerblade with him and ride bikes with him, they like to throw the football or play baseball and can kind of be talked into playing Frisbee.  They are hilariously funny and I love to tease them back.  They aren't keen on getting their picture taken but sometimes I can coerce them into posing for me.  The other day though we were at their house and I looked out to see one boy following Isaac all over their field just chatting with him.  Oh how I wished for my camera at that point.  I almost grabbed my friend's camera just so I would have a memory of this 8 year old and 15 year old hanging out. 

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tara said...

OH. my. goodness!! Those pictures are priceless!! Our boys LOVE your boys and they (don't tell them I said this) love you! Hanging out with you guys is a huge highlight for them! (And you don't ever have to ask to use my camera...I would be honored to have you use it!!)